Property Regulation


G.T.I. informs its clients that they must read and sign a form with the regulations about the house and the swimming pool rules at the check-in.

On entry clients must control all electrical appliances and furnishings any breakages must be reported immediately within the first 24 hours of stay. Any breakages after this period will be charged for according to the villa inventory.


  • Access forbidden to animals without prior permission, Dogs must be kept on a leash. Dog owners are obliged to clean up after their pets.
  • No tents, caravans or camper vans allowed
  • More people than authorized by the Society are not permitted to use the villa.
  • No un-authorized extra beds allowed
  • No parties allowed without prior permission
  • DO NOT use flammable material/liquids to light fires
  • DO NOT use candles and DO NOT smoke inside Villas.
  • Never leave fires un-attended
  • During the weekend AND at the end of the stay RUBBISH must be thrown away BY THE CLIENT into the appropriate bins situated along the
  • main roads. Please DO NOT PUT rubbish outside the house at night time due to wild animals in the vicinity
  • DO NOT drink the tap water
  • DO NOT WASTE WATER PLEASE as Tuscany has serious water problems
  • In case of simultaneous bookings of more than one accommodation It IS FORBIDDEN to move furniture or accessories from one villa to another.


  • There is no life guard for the swimming pool
  • Swimming pools are not enclosed
  • Non-swimmers are prohibited from using the pool
  • Swimming pool size: 10 x 5 meters, depth 140 centimeters ( FOR VILLA RICRIO 12X6 M, DEPTH 100-250 CM)
  • No diving allowed or running around the pool area
  • Children under 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult while using the pool
  • No animals allowed
  • It is forbidden to use pool if suffering from a contagious illness
  • No swimming allowed while the pool cleaner is working
  • No electrical appliances allowed in or near the pool
  • No swimming during storms or bad weather
  • No stones or sharp objects are to be put in the swimming pool
  • It is prohibited to touch technical parts of the pool or to put products into the water
  • No swimming after meals
  • The swimming pool and tap water is not drinkable
  • DO NOT use the swimming pool from 8 pm to 9 am
  • Toddlers and babies MUST have diapers on to use pool

The Society wishes to inform the client that there is no life guard for the swimming pool and that the use of the swimming pool, barbecue, fire places, etc..

involve risks and dangers that the client, signing this document, acknowledges and takes full responsibility on behalf of himself and the other members of the

group exonerating the Society of any responsibility. The client guarantees to respect the above mentioned regulations. We wish to inform clients that even if

they are absent at the time, property employees are authorized to enter the premises where repairs or maintenance are required or in exceptional circumstances.

The client signing this document understands and fully accepts ALL of the above mentioned rules and conditions on behalf of himself and the other members

of the group. And confirm to have received the fire extinguishers position.. IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, CALL the society immediately and see the useful Italian numbers inside the folder and exposed in each villa .