Are meals included on G.T.I. “Great Tours of Italy” journeys?

At least two meals per day are included on G.T.I. "Great Tours of Italy". A buffet breakfast (American breakfast) including eggs (fried or poached), sliced bacon or sausages, sliced bread or toast with jam/jelly/butter, cornflakes or other cereal, coffee/tea, orange/grapefruit juice, fresh fruits, cappuccino and espresso. Lunch or dinner (meat or fish) with appetizer, pasta or soup, second dish, salad, fruit, mineral water, fine local wine, dessert and coffee. Our selected restaurants will certainly be unforgettable! Dining is a delightful and integral part of the G.T.I. experience – and that is why G.T.I. group tour are not bigger than 26 passengers and selects local restaurants that offer a true taste of each region you visit.

Can I be put in touch with past G.T.I. travelers to discuss their experiance?

Past G.T.I. travelers are the most important voice we have when it comes to sharing the experience of a G.T.I. journey. We encourage you to visit the G.T.I. "Passenger Testimonials" or Trip Advisor website where travelers ask questions, and share information, travel experiences, photos and more.

Do you have a non-smoking policy?

In Italy is not allowed to smoke in the motor coach/Hotel/Restaurant. However, we do make plenty of convenience stops giving you the opportunity to smoke, use local restroom facilities, take a scenic snapshot or just relax and enjoy of cup of coffee.  

Do you have a share program for singles?

If you wish to share with another tour member, you can advise us by your travel agent or calling us at the time of booking. G.T.I. believes that traveling solo doesn't have to cost you more. We will try to match you with someone of the same sex in order to avoid having to pay the single supplement.


Do you offer food and wine tours?

We are proud to offer to all our tours plenty of opportunities to sample the authentic Italian cuisine and wines. Our selected local restaurants will certainly be unforgettable! Our daily menu' including pasta or soup, meat or fish, vegetable or salad, dessert, coffee, local wine, mineral water and soft drink. Also wine tastings and cooking classes are included in many of our itineraries. We always suggest that you carefully compare our tours to the others, also promoted by various firms as "culinary tours" and you won't fid better.
  • We love have dinner at the local restaurants
  • You won't find chicken and french-fries in our dishes (unless you ask for)
  • Always great food

How can I get an e-newsletter?

To sign up for G.T.I. “Great Tours of Italy .com”’s e-Newsletter, simply fill out the e-Newsletter Request Form, by clicking on the "Receive our e-Newsletter" link listed on home page of the website. Please note that your e-mail address is never shared outside of G.T.I. “Great Tours of Italy .com”. Read our privacy policy below the home page.

How do I make my reservations?

Have you found your perfect tour and are now ready to make your reservations? G.T.I. strongly recommend to visit your professional travel agent to book your ideal escorted tour (Travel Agent Locator) . If your travel agent is not able to provide our products, please contact us and we will take care of you. Call G.T.I. “Great Tours of Italy .com” and speak to a member of our team. They'll assist you in many ways, including airport transfers, arrangements, selecting the tour best suited to your travel desires, answer your questions, provide advice, inform you about any discount and help you book your tour.    

How many people will be on tour with me?

G.T.I. "Great Tours of Italy" groups are small ... on average we accommodate 26 guests on our escorted tours instead of the standard 57 guests by other tours operators. Enjoy a more personalized service, by being in a smaller group, closer to your local guide for a more in-depth experience,  spending less time waiting to get into sights, faster check-in into hotels, easer get in - get off from the motor coach.  

I can’t locate the region that I’m interested in traveling to. What should I do?

If you cannot find the region that you are interested in,  call our Reservations Sales Center and speak to a member of our team. They’ll answer your questions, provide advice and take care of your reservation.

I want to see all the main sights, but will I have time to explore on my own?

At G.T.I. planning the perfect tour is our specialty. Not only do we include the 'must see' sights, we carefully balance our itineraries to give you plenty of free time to relax and immerse yourself in the location.  

Is airfare included on Great Tours of Italys tour?

On a G.T.I. journey's price the airfare is not included. To book your airfare we strongly suggest to visit your travel agent. When you book your airfare please make sure that your arrival and departure date and time, fit together with our free airport transfers.  

What does the tour price include?

The prices listed in our brochure and website cover just about everything on the land tour! Virtually every travel expense is included in one up-front price – airport transfers, all hotel and accommodations, entertainment, meals as specified in the itinerary, special dinner, land and cruise transportation, sightseeing, shore excursions, luggage handling, most taxes, services of local guides and more as specified in the itinerary. All appropriate gratuities for luggage  handling, bellmen, doormen, dining room servers, ship staff and local drivers are also included. Over $250 cost components are included on every tour, which means no hidden costs, no surcharges, noon-tour surprises!  

What is an Optional Activity

All activities are automatically included in your booking. This sets us apart from our competitors with no extra “sightseeing” charges at the end of the tour.  

What is the difference between visit, view and see in the itineraries?

Here is a glossary of some common terms used in our itineraries:
  • Visit - Your coach will stop and you'll get to visit a specific site.
  • View - A brief stop and an opportunity to take   photos.
  • See - Your GTI coach will drive by the site so that you can see it.
  • (WLG) - With a local guide and wireless headsets.
  • Sightseeing tour - A professional local guide will accompany you on a tour of a city or site.
  • Orientation tour - Places of interest are pointed out, allowing you to go and explore them on your own.
  • Time to explore, discover or relax - Free time on your own.

What’s the new City Tax?

Following the example of Paris and New York, many of Italian cities have begun to tax hotel stays. On the customized tours the law prohibits billing or collection of the "city tax" by travel agents, so you may be required to pay this tax of €2 - €8 directly to the hotel at check-out. We oppose taxes of this kind but their application is beyond our control. Incidentally, Italy recently raised the value-added (sales) tax from 20% to 22%. Our escorted tours are already included in your final price.

When will I receive my documents?

Documents will normally be e-mailed 30 days prior to departure provided full payment has been received (2014 Escorted Tours). From 2015 Escorted Tours - you will be able to download your travel documents directly to your smartphone and tablet.  

Where will my hotel be located and what will it be like?

G.T.I. hotels are consistently Superior First Class or First class standard (4 Star) and higher or in a style appropriate to the destination.  

Who are the Tour Director and Tour Driver?

Tour Director and Tour Driver will make your trip comfortable, enjoyable and interesting. They are amongst the finest in the business and will help steer you through the maze of Italy’s culture, dialects and diversities and bring its magic to life before your eyes.  

Who else travels with G.T.I.?

It is quite typical to find people from; Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, USA.  

Why are there so few departures in August?

Because it's the most chaotic month in Italy, when Italians go on vacation en masse, and northern Europeans flock to Italy. In August, you can expect delayed flights, long lines and crowds everywhere – particularly in favorite spots like Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Sicily and the Apulia. Worse, the middle of the month (Ferragosto) finds many shops and even restaurants in less popular localities closed as in Rome, Florence and Milan.  August is endlessly sunny but unbearably hot, too. As the vacation (holiday) season and heat actually begin in late July, we schedule fewer tours in August.  

Why should I choose Great Tours of Italy?

G.T.I. "Great Tours of Italy .com" It is completely unique. Simply, we are the only tour operator to include all excursions, at least two meals per day, comfortable departure and a lot more with no additional cost. We provide comfortable and generous legroom on the coach at no extra cost. You will consistently stay in first rate hotels in desirable locations and enjoy inclusive sightseeing and excursions. Because you'll travel in smaller groups,  you will receive superior personal service from your experienced Tour Director, Tour Driver and Local Guides.  

Will the coach be modern and comfortable?

No one is better set up than G.T.I. for coaches. All our coaches boast one of the newest and diverse fleets. We currently operate 40, 35, 22, 19 and 9-seat vehicles with various features. All buses come standard with:
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Extra legroom - Footrests
  • Toilette - lavatory  (Not available on 22, 19 and 9-seat vehicles)
  • Undercarriage Storage Compartment
  • DVD and CD Player - Multiple Flat Screen Viewing Monitors
  • Free Wi-Fi on board (from 2015 escorted tours)