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  • We sure had a great time. I’ve posted a few pictures and a synopsis of my experience on my blog if anyone cares to check it out.

Joan Carney, San Diego, USA, “Bella Italia 2017”

  • I would highly recommend Great Tours of Italy! My husband and I have traveled with them twice now — we did the Bella Italian tour in May 2015 and the Great Southern Italy tour in October of 2016. We had such an awesome experience on both trips that we have recommended GTI many times and will continue to recommend them in the future. For the Bella Italia trip we traveled with family (there were eight of us) and it was so great to be able to share such a remarkable experience with our parents. On the Great Southern Italy trip, we traveled with my in-laws and some friends — there were ten of us in total. Both trips were incredible! We truly feel that the way GTI plans every detail of their tours is what sets them apart from the larger tour companies. We enjoyed the unique hotels we stayed in, the small size of our tour groups, the delicious food — all local cuisine that was specific to the area in which we were traveling, the experienced and informative local tour guides in each city, the pre-arranged excursions so we NEVER waited on a line, the comfortable departure times each morning (we never left the hotel before 8AM), not to mention our extremely professional and exceptional driver, Simone. We often tell people that we have been spoiled after our trips with Great Tours of Italy — we don’t think any other tour company could even come close to giving us what we experienced with GTI. They truly took care of every necessary detail and made both of our trips perfect in every way. If you have any specific questions, feel free to email me at

Sue S., New Jersey, USA

  • Just got back from Italy and can’t say enough good things about Great Tours of Italy. The hotels we stayed at were great! Spacious rooms and very clean. Lots of delicious meals as part of our package. Our driver was awesome he tended to our every need while getting us safely to all destinations. The local tour guides were very knowledgeable they answered all our questions and shared many stories of the towns and landmarks we visited. We made this trip to visit my niece who was studying in Rome. GTI made it easy to include my niece in the dinners and activities when she was able to join us. The personalization GTI provided was phenomenal. I would definitely recommend them for a fabulous trip to Italy.

Nancy W., Hamilton, New Jersey, USA, “Bella Italia 2017”

  • My wife and I just returned from the 13 day Bella Italia tour with Great Tours of Italy. It was fantastic! I had done a lot of research online and found that there are many tours of Italy. We were looking for many things: several cities, included excursions, most meals included and a small group. We didn’t use a travel agent, but communicated by email and phone. We dealt directly with Simone Martini in Rome and Joe Avena, the local representative in New Jersey, and had no problems. There were nine people in our group and we all got along great. We are now exchanging pictures. By the end of the tour we felt like family, GTI, I believe, limits the size of the group on this tour to 16 people. We rode around Italy in a 15 passenger Mercedes van with Guiseppe, our fabulous driver. There is no way that I would want to drive a rental car where we went! Simone was our tour director, providing interesting information along the way. In Rome, Florence, Venice, Assisi and Pompeii we had local knowledgeable guides. There is a lot of walking, with stairs, inclines and cobblestone streets, so you should be in reasonably good shape to keep up.We stayed in hotels outside the center of the cities, which was good. Most days we left the hotel at 8:30 or 9, so we had time for the included breakfast buffet. With the included excursions we were able to get into places like the Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum in Rome, and the Academy Museum in Florence without waiting in the long lines. Most of the included 10 dinners were in family owned restaurants that we wouldn’t have found on our own, and they included several courses and red and white wine and dessert. We ate very well. The hotel where we stayed for three nights on the Amalfi coast was perched on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea – with a deck! The last night, after touring amazing Pompeii, the hotel was on the edge of a beautiful crater lake in Castelli Romani. Others above have talked about the great value of a tour with Great Tours of Italy. About half way through the tour, some in our group said that they had already gotten their money’s worth out of the tour. We feel so blessed to have found this company. If we ever go to Italy again, we will again use Great Tours of Italy. The tour was far beyond our expectations. I highly recommend them. You won’t be disappointed.

David Lamm, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA, “Bella Italia 2017”

  • My husband and I just returned from Bella Italy tour from June 13-June 25th,2017. The trip was absolutely amazing. Giuseppe the driver and local tour director is an experienced driver, took us to local piazzas for some lunches and dinners so that we can experience the local culture.He has a great sense of humor and really works hard so that everyone has a first class experience. The food was excellent, breakfast at hotels and the meals that were included in the tour were not only delicious but the venue and views were absolutely amazing. We were a small group of 7,(ages 18-63..WE WERE THE OLDEST..LOL) which is what we were looking for. Did not want to be on a bus with 40. It is a boutique kind of tour, with someone that knows the culture and in the know about the country. The local guides were extremely knowledgeable. We also got to experience some free time on our own to shop, dine and explore. Giuseppe takes you through local towns and the drives and scenery are amazing.The hotels in Assisi, Capri and last day in Rome were breathtaking.. All hotels were clean. A friend of ours did this tour 2 years ago and we are so glad that we booked this tour. For us, it was a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy your trip!

Sarah G. New York, USA, “Bella Italia 2017”

  • Two months ago my husband and I returned from a 6 week holiday in Europe, starting in Rome with the “Bella Italia” tour. We chose this company as most of the other larger companies did not include a walking tour of Rome which incorporates a visit to The Pantheon and Trevi Fountain, most of them also had optional extras, but did not reveal the costs of these extras. On our Bella Italia tour we had a great tour guide, a very good driver named Bruno and in Rome, for three days we had an exceptional local guide, named Elena. The other local guides were good, however, Elena deserves special mention. Our tour guide’s familiarity with Italy’s areas and vista added to our exceptional experience as he knew all the best stops for toilet stops, snack stops, for glorious views and photo opportunities. Add a comfortable coach, exceptional meals at very good restaurants, excellent wine, comfortable hotels, great value for money, all entry fees and local guides included in the price, without “kickback” sales recommendations…….. what more could you want? The fact that we had a relaxed, fun, easy going group can also be attributed to the wonderfully executed tour, as it creates the right vibe, therefore creating a family friendly group from an initial group of strangers. This is a company that we would definitely recommend, as we are looking forward to using them again in the future Any tour can be deemed good, however, it is the attention to detail, the flexibility to accommodate the group and the overall concern for the comfort and welfare of everyone that makes this a SUPERB TOUR COMPANY. Thank you to Simone and all the staff at Great Tours Of Italy, you deserve your apt Company Name.

Clive & Sandra, Sidney, AUSTRALIA “Bella Italia 2016” 

  • Hello! Here’s the link to my Trip Journal, made up from the individual e-mail I sent back home each day. This was one of the very best tour we have taken.You are the best!

Jim & Marcia Elvings, PA, USA “Great Southern Italy 2015” (Booked through “Allison Park Travel”).

  • I wanted to let you know how things had gone.  This was the best trip abroad I have ever taken.  Not only is Italy a wonderful country, but Great Tours of Italy went beyond my expectations. Every place we stayed, every where we dined, every local guide was wonderful.  We were never in the large crowds we saw at hotel breakfasts.  Instead we were in separate rooms where we received individual attention.  Our van was comfortable. Marco was our tour director and driver so he was with us every day.  He saw to our comfort, he accommodated for our needs, he was knowledgeable, and he was absolutely charming.  He helped in more ways than I can put in one communication. I am not receiving any “compensation” for this recommendation.  They do not offer any deals for recommending a friend or any thing else. They do not need to. GTI should be at the top of your list when people ask about tours to Italy.

Elaine Hirt, California, USA “Bella Italia 2015” (Booked through “US Travel Corp.”).

  • We have finally returned home and you are the first person i have contacted – outside of family!!!There are many things i must say but first -THANK YOU!!!!! The  Beautiful Sicily tour was perfect!  Of course Sicily is everything as promised.  Enchanting cities, good food and wine and so much to see.   But the trip would not have been as good without your fantastic people — Giulia and Giuseppe  —. We could not ask for more.  Guilia was in total control – constantly checking to see if all arrangements were set and ready to go, Always making sure we were comfortable. happy and not in need of anything, For a young women on only her third or fourth tour she was the ultimate professional!  I don’t think we could have gotten better driver than Giuseppe.  He was a skilled and patient driver and we never felt in danger on even the most treacherous roads. But these people not only excelled at their jobs they were also friendly, informative  had good senses of humor and were just all around  good company to be with;  Add in four local guides who were extremely well informed, outgoing, pleasant to be with and extremely friendly.  All the makings of a great trip – but there is more – When it was announced that there was to be a strike of the air traffic controllers on Saturday, our departure day both Giulia and Giuseppe jumped into action and made flight plans for us to depart Friday night, got us a hotel for the night in Rome and booked us on the high speed train to Venice our next destination all this while drive to the airport and once there standing at a table in the middle of the departure area.  They made certain that we were taken care of before they even concerned themselves with their own travel needs.  We are sorry that we had to miss our final dinner and night in Palermo, I’m sure it would have been great.You can be assured that we will recommend GREAT TOURS OF ITALY to any and all – You promised a Great Tour and you delivered – Once again our Thanks for a job well done!Regards

Agnes and Gene De Angelo, New Jersey, USA “Beautiful Sicily 2014“(Booked through “American Express Travel Agency”).

  • “To my Mom & Dad & Andy’s parents:  Thank you for making us proud of our Italian heritage!  I wish we all had the means and you were all in good health years ago so we could have made this trip together, but I know you were with us when we walked down the Spanish steps.  And I know Mom you were clapping and singing along to the guitarist playing that song about Calabria.  You all would have been impressed with the Sistene Chapel, statue of David, St. Peter’s Square and Trevi Fountain.  The landscape of the Tuscany countryside was beautiful.  You would have loved the quaintness of Assisi and the scenic Amalfi Coast.  Mom C., you always thought cooks on TV used too much salt.  Well, our tour guide treated us to special homemade buffalo mozzarella and ricotta at a deli/store.  It was too delicious as the 3 ladies on the tour found their ankles swollen the next morning, and I came to the conclusion it was the salt in those delicious treats!  Dad, you would have appreciated the professionalism of the bus driver.  But Silvano came to pick us up from Capri in bathing trunks, which was so cute!  Dad C., you would have loved the food, as we ate so well.  (Mom, you would have loved the tiramisu.)  Our tour guide, Marco, found the best restaurants in the most out-of-the-way places.  It was so peculiar that we kept running into weddings at the restaurants we ate at or the hotels we were staying at.  On our last night while the wedding was winding down, the singer sang “Time to say Goodbye” which was so appropriate for us, as we were flying home the next day!  It was a wonderful trip and I’m sure your view was just as great as ours!” Thanks again from Andy and me!

Joanne Ciriaco, New Jersey, USA “Bella Italia” Oct. 2013 (Booked through customer services – Our Travel Agent wasn’t able to provide G.T.I. “Great Tours of Italy” package tours)

  • Just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how very much we enjoyed your services!!  You treated us all so very well. Everything went great in Venice.  We all just loved it!!  Mary and Dan and Tom and Norrie are with us now and are having the time of their lives.  We all are!  One place is as good as the next and seems to be just getting better. We are now sailing away from Croatia en route to Kotor.

Denato group, Pennsylvania, USA “Customized Tour” Sept. 2013 (Booked through “Vacation Travel Experts”)

  • Thanks so much for spreading the word about Great Tours of Italy. We just got back on Sunday and everything was wonderful. The food and sights were amazing! My husband Dom and I have already booked for “Great Southern Italy 2014” and we can’t wait! It looks like another great experience!

Pat SanFilippo, New Jersey, USA “Bella Italia” Oct. 2013 (Booked through “Liberty Travel”)

  • We just returned from this terrific journey in Italy “Bella Italia” which was absolutely superb in every way possible. All I can say about the trip It was extremely perfect! This holiday was a trip of our lifetime. We could not have asked for a better vacation and better country to travel. First and foremost we had one of the best tour groups we could have asked for. Everyone in our group was great and we honestly did become a family over almost two week period together. Our group was lucky enough to be blessed with one of the most amazing, intelligent and witty tour directors ever, Nicol and our professional driver Silvano. We not only become educated on the history of Italy by the travel director and the phenomenal local guides, we also get to take in first hand, bits and pieces of history and the beauty of the land. It is honestly breathtaking. What we loved about this travel company “Great tours of Italy” is that they gave us as much as they could in the time frame allotted but also gave the option of having our own personal time in Rome, Florence, Venice and Sorrento. We totally come back to discover new treasures of Italy with Great tours of Italy.

Gregory and Katia Coster, Connecticut, USA ”Bella Italia” June 2013

  • We just got home from the “Bella Italia Tour” with Great Tours of Italy. It was amazing. We went with our sons who are 23 and 19 years old. We had all ages, 19-79 years old, in the group of 24 people. Our tour guide, Marco was awesome!!! He was 100% typical Italian gentlemen, knowledge and fun. We had traveled with the others companies in Europe many times before. But this was our best ever. Best value, best service, best hotels, best restaurants, best food and wine and the best “worry free, stress free” trips possible. We never wait in any line, NO OPTIONAL EXCURSIONS and always comfortable departure time (finally we had time to enjoy our buffet breakfast every day). We definitely are going back to Italy for the Sunny Skies of Italy Tour on 2015 with Great Tours of Italy.

Joe and Kristina Kwoni, Florida, USA ”Bella Italia” April 2013

  • My sister arrived back from Italy yesterday and had only the most wonderful things to say about your tour guide and guided tours.  I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in coordinating the tours for her and her companions. I appreciate it so much.

Christopher Callan, New Jersey, USA  “Private Tours in Rome” June 2013

  • The trip was spectacular! Marco ensured that everyone was always comfortable and he accommodated all requests. Very organized and sincere. He wanted the group to enjoy all the sites, food, and lodging. He strives for the best! I truly enjoyed the experience!

Joann and Bill Linder, USA, “Bella Italia”

  • The tour leader, Luca, was the best. All the cities we visited were unique and interesting. Loved each and every one of them. The guides were thorough and very informative. The food was absolutely delicious. Enjoyed pizza making! Our favorites were Tuscany, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Rome, boat trip to Capri, and the winery tour. You did a beautiful job to plan this vacation!

Barbara and Paul Slachta, USA, “Bella Italia”

  • Thank you very much! Our trip was wonderful with your team Emilio and Nicoletta!   The sistine tickets were perfect and a nice small group. Emillo was so timely, and traveled quickly and efficiently through busy streets so that we could take in all we could of beautiful Roma! And Nicoletta was so informative and personal!  We were very pleased and it was truly a lovely experience! Even getting to the cruise port went easily due to Emilio. Thank you again! All the best!

Susan Fanning, “Customized tour in Rome”  New Jersey, USA. Sept. 2012 (Booked directly – Our Travel Agent wasn’t able to provide G.T.I. “Great Tours of Italy” package tours)

  • “Unforgettable tour of South Italy! Amazing cities and delicious food. We went on all excursions without any additional cost as I wanted to see as much as possible. They were great. Accommodation was excellent and the best coach service we have ever had. This was our second tour in Italy and we think that this was an excellent value.

Coluzzi’s family, California, USA, “Sunny Skies of Italy” July 2012.

  • We had a dream, “spending the New Year’s Eve in the Alps”. Looking on internet, we found the Great Tours of Italy’s website and in it a ski tour on the Alps. We called and Great Tours of Italy were very informative of the ski tour and professional. So we booked the tour and had our dream ski vacation in the Alps, dream. We stayed in Sestriere and found it to be absolutely wonderful. We had a comfortable bus trip from Rome where we were able to enjoy an amazing view from Rome through Tuscany, Liguria, and Piemonte to the impressive Alps. The organization of the itinerary was excellent and accurate on every detail. Marco our tour director and Fabio the bus driver did an excellent job. Like the others I was surprised by the extent of the skiing! Sun was shining four out of the six ski days we were there. We stayed in the Hotel where you can step out of the boot room virtually onto the “piste” that takes you down to the lift area. You can rest at the spa and have a soft drink with your friends. There are nice bars just at the end of the ski slope where that “boarders” tend to hang out. We had great and various foods at the restaurant. All, the accommodations suited us very well; skiing conditions were great with enough variety for the ski group. The slopes are quiet nice and well groomed with generally very few queues on the lift system. We’re surely heading back next January!

Trapizzo and friends, Colorado, USA, December 2011.

  • We just want to thank you for organizing these wonderful tours, fabulous meals, and the excellent tour leaders, Marco and Alfredo, who made the tours a truly unforgettable experience! Marco organized wonderful restaurants and get-togethers for the group. He provided humor and insight into the workings of Italian politics and the daily lives of the Italians. Alfredo was as lovely as he was proficient in English. She taught us the differences between the many delicious pastas and regional dishes and was very knowledgeable about the histories of all the towns we visited.

Silvie & Joseph, Oakville Canada “Italian Broadway” October 2011.